Gluten Free Beauty Products

Are gluten free beauty products really worth the hassle and extra cost?

The quick answer: Absolutely!

If I had to guess, I bet you’ve noticed “gluten free” popping up on the labels of many natural beauty products. The gluten free lifestyle is taking the world by storm and the seal of certification is taking up prime packaging real estate on a huge range of products found in grocery aisles everywhere. But gluten free shampoo and moisturizer? Really? Yes, really!

For those with celiac disease or a gluten intolerance, this new exposure and availability of certified gluten free products has provided a well welcomed lifestyle upgrade. But does a gluten free beauty product really offer any added benefit over its “regular” counterparts?

Yes! Gluten free certification is about so much more than just the ingredients used. It’s about the facility a product is made and packaged in, handling practices, and cross contamination avoidance efforts. For those of us living a gluten free lifestyle due to medical necessity, these certified products give us the peace of mind knowing neither us nor our families will be exposed to gluten particles. Sensitivities vary based on condition, however the one commonality in those dealing with gluten sensitivity is that gluten proteins usually need to be ingested to cause a reaction.

Now, I know what you’re thinking – no one sits around and guzzles shampoo and moisturizer while chewing on their favorite lip balm. You’re right…we hope. However, the opportunities for accidental ingestion are so much higher than you might think. Ever lick your lips while wearing lip stick or balm? Ever touch your food with moisturizer lurking on the skin of your palm? Ever gotten a strand of your long hair stuck in your mouth? I know I have! I come into contact with my beauty products in so many ways every single day, yet I never intend to ingest any of them. It just happens mindlessly, and this is why those with more sensitive gluten intolerance need the peace of mind and safety knowing their products are certified gluten free.

Some Hidden Gluten Ingredients to Look Out For

The best way to ensure you avoid contamination is to always double check the ingredient list. There is an array of scientific words for ingredients that are gluten containing.

A few common ingredient names to look out for:

Tricicum Vulgare (wheat)

Hordeum Vulgare (barley)

Avena Sativa (oatmeal)

Secale Cereale (rye)

Wheat germ oil

Barley protein

Luckily, there are some tried and true makeup brands that are dedicated to ensuring these ingredients are left out of the process completely.

Brands to Try

Look out for these!

Afterglow Cosmetics

Afterglow pretty much checks off all of my boxes when it comes to cosmetics that fit my gluten free, organic-transitioning lifestyle, and they’re also vegan and cruelty free. This cosmetics brand is proud to be certified gluten free and certified organic.

Alima Pure

Alima Pure take it to the next level by listing every single ingredient, its purpose, and which cosmetics it is used in for every product right on the website.


A family favorite that clearly discloses if it is allergen containing. Dove has a variety of gluten free shampoos, conditioners, body soaps, and even some deodorants, all at an affordable price!


Another affordable, family brand that offers gluten free shampoos, conditioners, and soaps!


My absolute favorite line of allergen-free facial cleansers and moisturizers. My dermatologist originally turned me onto this brand, and it has saved my skin ever since! Gluten free and it offers amazing skin care.


Luckily, gluten free oral care is actually pretty easy to come by, but one of the most common brands ensured to be gluten free in all products, is Colgate. This means all of their brushes, mouthwashes, and pastes are all gluten free, affordable, and easy to find!

If you have any favorite gluten free beauty products, we’d love to hear about them on our social media! And always remember to do some research on any brands you swear by to ensure they’re appropriate for your needs.

Don’t forget to download the Now Find Gluten Free App from the Apple and GooglePlay stores, so you’re always up to date on the latest certified gluten free products!

For more information on gluten free living and delicious recipes, please visit our website.



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