Gluten and Dairy Free Snack Packs

I think we can all remember the excitement in grade school whenever someone’s mom brought in a snack or treat for the class on special occasions, or when the class got a reward treat for reach a goal or for displays of good behavior. I always remember looking forward to the holidays when we would celebrate with class parties and play time, and the pizza parties we won for racking up the most reading points. I mean, what kid doesn’t love the surprise of cupcakes midday? It’s difficult to enjoy these occasions when you have a dietary restriction, and a lot of kids feel left out and down in the dumps. Not to mention the stresses these situations can place on parents of kids who are intolerant to things like gluten and dairy. They want to know their kids are safe and healthy, but also included in the festivities.

It’s not easy being the odd one out at such a young age, and there’s no reason why a gluten or a dairy restriction should automatically exclude your child from enjoying a fun time with their class. If you’re in this boat and are looking for an alternative option for your kids to enjoy during last minute classroom activities that may involve gluten or dairy, then read on!

Sending a gluten or dairy free snack package to school on the first week is a creative solution to these last minute treat uncertainties. But first, it is imperative that you speak with your child’s school and teacher and be sure this is something that the they are comfortable handling. Communication is key here. You need to ensure your child’s teacher understands his dietary restriction(s) and the consequences if it is not followed strictly. You also need to be certain the teacher and school have the ability and willingness to store the snack pack in the classroom. This method may not work for all teachers and classrooms, so just keep an open mind.

If the teacher and the school are on board, make sure you find out what size and type container would be best for their storage needs. Be sure to attach a note with the care package that provides information about your child’s needs and a reminder about the snack pack’s purpose. It is not for everyday snacks, but rather for special treat occasions when your child may be left out of a classroom activity. Feel free to encourage the teacher to reach out to you if the snack pack needs to be refilled at any point during the school year.

I recommend you start by writing a note. Your next step is picking and clearly labeling an easy store container that you can fill with yummy and healthy gluten or dairy free treats. Now for the fun part: picking out the snacks you want to add! I suggest picking treats that are individually portioned and packaged for ease. Selecting items that hit all the flavor profiles can also be helpful in keeping your child’s options consistent with classroom treat options. Sometimes the treat will be sweet, sometimes salty…so it’s good to have a little bit of everything. However, the creative control is completely up to you. Your child may have a favorite popcorn or fruit snack and you can fill up their snack pack with just those if you want!

Whatever you choose, you can have the peace of mind knowing that Now Find Gluten Free and Now Find Dairy Free are at the tip of your fingers to help you find shelf stable snacks that are certified gluten and dairy free.

If you want to take homemade snacks into school for those pre-planned celebrations, like our super yummy recipe for homemade fruit roll ups or amazing cupcakes, we have a variety of fun and easy snack and dessert recipes available on our website. When searching, simply select “Snack” and “Dessert” from the Course search on the right hand side of the page.

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